Press release

 It’s a tale as old as time: one day you’re a normal guy who happens to be terrible at dating and romance, the next you have to find a date to take to your ex-girlfriends lesbian wedding. That’s the challenge facing Dave in the new rom-com web series Dave Plus One, starting on 29th February, available on Youtube and

The series follows Dave (Todd Morgan, Shortland Street) a regular guy whose love life now has been given a deadline. Helping him navigate the dating world are his best friends Annabelle (Ella Watson-Russell) and Zac (Naser Ali) and his boss Wade (Ben Hamilton, Brainless Killers) along with a supporting cast of Australian acting talent.

Dave Plus One will be released in its entirety (7 episodes) with bonus behind the scenes content being rolled out in the following weeks. The series was created and directed by Phil Calloway, and co-written with his brother Ben, and is their first ever major film project. 
“A big factor right from the start was to never fall into the old sit-com ‘women are crazy’ trope.” Phil says about the shows origins “Instead, we wanted to say that people are crazy and dating is weird and bad luck will make you feel like there’s no one out there for you. We wanted to push Dave into the deep end of that and we find out what happens next.”
Joining the crew is friend and first time producer Elliot Jay O’Neill and comedian Julia Wilson.

The production hit a few bumps along the road, as Ben explains: 
“When scouting out locations to shoot, a few places said ‘no’ because of the invitation to a same-sex wedding that kick starts the events. We could have changed that plot point, but we wanted to explore the reaction, because even when it’s eventually made legal, there will still be an awkward phase before it becomes accepted and awkward is something we’re good at.”

Awkward, funny, clever and charming, Dave Plus One is a show with its heart on its sleeve and its foot in its mouth.