We have less crew than your average boyband.
— Ben Calloway

With untold amounts of effort, patience & dedication, these are the few, but fabulous people that made the wheels turn.



I've always been intrigued by the inner workings of things. Finding something that looks cool is one thing but to know how & why it works is the thing that keeps me interested. So it's probably no surprise that i gravitated to film & TV.

I attended film school in 1998 and worked for 5 years on set driving trucks, cleaning port-a-loo's and making coffee as an "Unit Assistant". In 2006 I moved into post production and started editing TV commercials and more recently working in reality TV.

Being the master of  coming up with ideas, but doing nothing with them my brother Ben and I wrote the  7 episodes of Dave Plus One over the course of 4-5 months in 2014. However  it wasn't until our uber producer Elliot Jay O'Neil came along that we got the impetus to actually make this something more than just words on a page.

Dave Plus One, is my first serious attempt at doing anything in a story base narrative (excluding a Tropfest entry in 2000 that would at best be rated as "not completely terrible" ) It's been a very steep learning curve and more work than I would have possibly thought. But I've loved almost every minute and am already plotting the next project.

I truly hope that you enjoy watching Dave Plus One, a lot of talented and kind hearted people put a gargantuan amount of effort into getting this from script to screen. I am indebted to all of them.

Phil is currently working as an editor on series 8 of MasterChef.


Ben was born and raised in Sydney and has done nothing worthy of having a biography. Dave Plus One is his first real project, for which he provided words, props, and was surprisingly effective with a boom mic. His previous writing efforts can be found at The Drunk Bookclub where he writes book reviews and on his Facebook page where he writes mostly nonsense. An aspiring writer and lifelong fan of any form of storytelling, Ben joined Dave Plus One because his brother asked him to. He plays guitar and a few other things which can be heard on the series sound track, for which he also wrote lyrics. Ben currently works in liquor retail with aspirations of no longer working at all. He has a caffeine dependency, is genuinely afraid of sea monsters and is currently really into Fallout and D&D, running a campaign of his own creation.


Elliot didn’t even know what an Executive Producer was before he joined Dave Plus One. Well, he still doesn’t really know but he is helpful.

A musician since his early teens, Elliot obtained his Bachelor of Contemporary Performance of Bass Guitar (a degree in busking as his father would aptly call it). In 2014 he joined Sydney death metal band Terrorential and found that many of the principals of jazz that he’d learnt at college, were totally applicable to playing death metal.

Elliot became involved with Dave Plus One after his longtime friend Ben showed him the scripts that he and Phil had been working on for the past year. Elliot found the scripts hilarious but the act of reading tedious, he then asked himself “What if this script was actually a show and not a script?” and then set out to help bring Dave Plus One to life.

Elliot keeps up an active presence online, if you search Elliot Jay O’Neill in either facebook or twitter, his social media pages are filled with dumb jokes and opinions about why Australia should legalise various things. Also for all of you gamers out there, he avoids work under the gamertag EeeJayOh on Nintendo & Playstation networks. 

Julia wilson

Described by many as the toughest woman in stand up comedy, Julia Wilson tours the world with her dubious morals, having plenty of seriously dangerous fun along the way!

This convent school girl, bouncer, accountant, stand-up comedian, whose humour refuses to be pigeonholed and personality can't be ignored would rather live her life with bruises and scars instead of being too scared to do anything!

 Julia has headlined comedy events all over the world, thrilling audiences in Britain, Australia, South Africa, Croatia, Germany and Canada with her dynamic, gutsy performances on stage, tv, radio and film. This however is her first web series.

Make Up Artisits

  • Tanya Monahan
  • Alexandra Wharton
  • Fern Madden
  • that other girl

Sound track & original music

Dave Plus One Theme Song,

Music - Elliot Jay O’Neill

Lyrics - Ben Calloway, Sheridan Morley, Elliot Jay O’Neill & Daniel Rosewell

Vocals - Sheridan Morley

Audio Engineer/Music Production - Ryan Casey

Composers - Ben Calloway, Ryan Casey, Elliot Jay O’Neill, Daniel Rosewell & Travis Walker

Lyricist - Ben Calloway

Arrangements - Ben Calloway, Ryan Casey, Elliot Jay O’Neill & Daniel Rosewell

Guitar & Keys - Daniel Rosewell

Guitar - Travis Walker

Additional Guitars - Ben Calloway & Ryan Casey
Bass Guitar & Vocals - Elliot Jay O’Neill

Additional Vocals - Ben Calloway & Ryan Casey

Drums - Ryan Casey

Percussion - Ryan Casey & Elliot Jay O’Neill

Vocals for “Start Again” - Asahi Takahashi


  • Michael Messih

Logo & animation

  • Dennis Duty

Writers - Phil Calloway & Ben Calloway

Director - Phil Calloway

Editor - Phil Calloway

Executive Producer - Elliot Jay O’Neill

Camera Operator - Phil Calloway

D.O.P. - Phil Calloway

Assist. D.O.P. - Naser Ali

Lighting - Phil Calloway & Naser Ali

Boom Operator - Ben Calloway

1AD - Elliot Jay O’Neill & Julia Wilson

Production Design - Phil Calloway, Ben Calloway, Elliot Jay O’Neill & Julia Wilson

Props - Ben Calloway & Elliot Jay O’Neill

Catering - Cathy Blake & Elliot Jay O’Neill

Costumes - Nicole Bowman, Ben Calloway, Elliot Jay O’Neill and the cast

Location Scouts - Ben Calloway & Elliot Jay O’Neill

Nurse - Rebecca Bazzi

Wedding Invitation Designers - Bry O’Neill, Charlotte O’Neill, Elliot Jay O’Neill, Ben Calloway, Cathy Blake & Ella Watson-Russell

Where Are My Knitters At? - Ben Calloway & Julia Wilson

Whipped Cream, Coffee & Gazpacho Coordinator - Ben Calloway

Mannequin Arm provided by Dan HarmonJulia Wilson

Glued an Elevator Set Together - Elliot Jay O’Neill

Nerf Gun Specialist & Trainer - Ben Calloway