A little nice & little unsure of himself, all round good guy even if he is a lawyer. A few years ago, Dave’s long term girlfriend broke up with him, seemingly out of the blue. Since then he’s been a little love-shocked and his relationships have not being doing so well. A good guy with a lack of direction, Dave isn’t the sort to rock the boat by asking for more. Except he has just started to realise that he needs more.



Dave’s flat-mate, and romantic crush/crutch, Wades girlfriend and a pre-school teacher. Annabelle has had a plan for her life since she was 15 and in following that path she’s gotten nearly everything she wants. If Wade finally proposes she’ll have everything she has set out for herself, which is making her wonder who she’ll be after that. But that’s all the serious stuff, Annabelle is a fun, easy going person who wouldn’t usually meddle in other people’s business, but Dave is a special case.



 Dave’s best friend and partner in crime, a loose cannon, an ideas man, UN-pigeon-hole-able. Zac is the personification of the phrase ‘just crazy enough to work’. When Zac was 18 he developed gourmet sauces for pet food and sold the brand for a small fortune. Being 18 and rich he blew through as quickly as he could. Since then Zac throws every idea at the wall, seeing what sticks. He goes from flat broke to riding small waves of success and back again, always searching for his next big creation. A foolish genius and mad businessman, Zac lives for the moment, though perhaps not quite in it.



Dave's boss, Annabelle's boyfriend. Sometimes douche, all time winner. The world conforms to his view. Wade believes that as long as you’re a winner nothing else matters. In a line from the series, Dave describes Wade as ‘A shark with a jet-ski’ and I think that sums him up nicely. He’s not just a doer; he’s a doer who can’t understand why others don’t also constantly do. A big picture kind of thinker, Wade may have lost sight of the trees for the forest.



Florist, cute as a button, sharp as a blade and maybe the answer that Dave’s been looking for. A down to earth woman, Kinsey is a no-nonsense kind of girl, unless it’s the fun kind of nonsense, with balloons and puppets and stuff, then she’s totally onboard. She’s had her share of love and hurt but has a quiet drive that makes her fearless and isn’t interested in anyone’s BS..



The Ex. She rocked Dave's world when she broke up with him. And now it looks like she's done it again! Things have gotten a little more complicated.