peak behind the curtain


So I thought it only fair that you should know a little about me, and why I’m potentially asking  for your time.

Phil - writer/director/editor -  I work full time as a television editor in Sydney. I mainly work on reality TV shows like Australia’s Got Talent,  House Rules, X Factor & MasterChef. I’ve also spent about 5 years cutting TV commercials and corporate videos.

I started writing Dave Plus One, because I wanted to make something that was challenging, good and fun.  Something that wasn't 'reality' based television. I get quite enough of that at work. 

So taking a little from my own life stories, and inspired by others, I started to write. Now I'm not trying to redefine the genre, or change anyone's life with this web-series. I do want to make a damn good show, that people will enjoy watching.

Ultimately. My goal is to make something from the heart, that other people could relate to and that one day.  I could proudly stand up,  point a triumphant finger at, and say                  "I fucking made that".


Ben - writer on Dave Plus One and will be a general thing-doer when we enter production. Specialising in arranging letters to spell words then arranging those words into sentences, he hopes to one day write for something other than his work's internal newsletter and cut down on his excessive use of the comma. Ben came to the Dave +1 team because he writes some of the best Facebook statuses you will ever read, also he and the director have the same parents and family. When not taking selfies where he’s looking off to the side to show his playful side, he works in liquor retail and writes book reviews at                   The Drunk Bookclub where his smooth, dulcet white-boy voice can be heard reviewing those books with his friends via podcast, via the same hyperlink. He’s also pretty into D&D these days, writing his own campaigns of course,  if you ever want to play.

Elliot - Executive Producer . Elliot is an enthusiast of all things media. He has spent the last year transitioning out of his share trading career to focus more seriously on the arts, playing bass for the heavy metal band Terrorential with regular gigging and recording keeping him busy while he still wanted to branch out into the film industry. 

James - "Writer and lawyer type, who works in insurance. Vets all the Dave Plus One written documents and communications for libel but due to the legendary philandering and hard drug use of its head-writer, Phillip "The Criminally Convicted Mexican Cartel Drug Mule" Calloway never got around to finishing that. An avid fan of the genre and a constant asker of the question, "Yeah, but how many reality cooking shows do we really need?", James is convinced that writing situational comedy must be both easy and important Like Monica Lewinsky.. James discovered through this very process that Ben, another writer on the project, writes D&D campaigns and would very much like to play. Ben - your move." !